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Non Dairy Whipping Cream

Deli Whip Non-Dairy Whipping Cream is an oil-water emulsion that is free from milk protein. It is made from pure vegetable ingredients but can be used like a regular dairy cream. It is U.H.T processed for better stability and packed in 1kg (1.1L) Tetra Brik.

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Pasteurized Fresh Coconut Milk
1kg, 500g and 250g

Made from fresh matured coconuts from the island of Indonesia. Freshly squeezed and pasteurized to retain the optimum natural aroma and goodness flavor. Packed in 5 layer PE bags in chilled format to maintain the freshness Product has a shelf life of 7 days kept refrigerated. No additives or perservatives added. Product has a mild natural pandan flavor when opened.

Suitable for all nonya cuisine as well as confectionery and ice cream and all beverages.

Product is certified Halal and also produce under stringent hygiene conditions attaining HACCP and ISO certification.





UHT Tetra Coconut Cream

Made from freshly grated white coconuts from the island of Indonesia. Pasteurized and Homogenized under state of the art technology using VTIS system. Product is passed through ultra heat treatment to kill all bacteria in order to attain a shelf-life of 18 months. Once opened, product must be keep in refrigeration for max 3 days to maintain the goodness. Product is unsweetened and without any additives or preservatives. Stabilizers are added to allow the binding of the fat and water. The product is best suited for beverages and other liquid applications as it allows an even more convenient processing by eliminating the need to hydrate or dissolve a powdered product before use.





Dessicated Coconut Fine ( Low Fat )

Produced from freshly selected matured coconuts, Dessicated coconut Low Fat is the dehydrated white coconut meat with lower fat content. Our product is unsweetened and do not contain and preservatives or additives. Using high technology dryer, the product is white in color without the need to add chemicals to purify it. Dessicated coconut is ideal for most confectioneries and used as fillings and toppings. It is also used as a good substitute for high fat dessicated coconut. Product is packed in 25kg kraft bags and has a shelf-life of 12 months from date of manufacture.





Pasteurized Fresh Grated Coconut
250g and 1kg

This is produced in Malaysia site. Fresh coconuts are processed and pasteurized with only thermal treatment (no preservation). The products have a shelf life of 7 days. Available at major supermarket outlets.




Pasteurized Fresh Liquid Whole Egg
500g, 1kg, 5kg and 1 carton

Egg White and Egg Yolk
2kg, 5kg

Made from daily arrival of fresh shell eggs from accreditated farms. The shell eggs are cracked using modern technology machines at a rate of 20,000 eggs /hr. The machine allows for seperation into egg white or egg yolk when needed. The products are then pasteurized to retain the natural flavor and eliminate Salmonella and other harmful bacteria. Such products reduces handling and minimise storage space and also reduces breakage which in turn reduces cost. Products have longer shelf-life than normal shell eggs when stored in proper conditions.

All egg products follows the stringnet HACCP guidelines and recommnedations assuring consumers of superior quality products everytime.





Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

This is produced in Singapore site. Hen eggs are processed in a fully automatic egg cooking and peeling system. The end result is a hygienic and convenient solution for food service operators.