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Deli Whip Non-Dairy Whipping Cream


Deli Whip Non-Dairy Whipping Cream is an oil-water emulsion that is free from milk protein. It is made from pure vegetable ingredients but can be used like a regular dairy cream. It is U.H.T processed for better stability and packed in 1kg (1.1L) Tetra Brik.


It is ideal for the preparation of pastries and cakes, sweet drinks, fruit salads, puddings and sweet toppings. It is also perfect for decorating.

Key Features

  • Excellent stability. Can hold up in temperatures up to 30°C
  • Convenience. does not curdle after whipped 24 hours at +/-6°C.
  • High Overrun. Whips up more than 4 times its liquid volume hence making it very cost effective.
  • Can combine with virtually any flavours, colours or acidic ingredients.
  • No syneresis (does not release water and wet cake surface) which makes it’s very easy to use. Able to hold in temperature.
  • Unless many frozen pasteurized vegetable cream, Deli Whip is U.H.T processed and hence zero bacteria growth.
  • Freeze and thawed stable in whipped form. No cracks in cream after thaw.
  • About 30% less fat than traditional dairy cream of 35% fat, whilst maintaining full flavour. Less fat also means less cholesterol.


Deli Whip can be stored between 2 to 20°C. Can also be frozen.


Unit Weight: 1 Litre (1.07 kg net weight)
Case Count: 12 units in one case”


  • Before whipping, chill Deliwhip to between 4 and 6°C. Whip at medium speed until the desired consistency is obtained. Once whipped the product is freeze and thaw stable.